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Manual therapy that aims to balance interrelated systems of the body to restore health and wellbeing

Cranial Osteopathy

Osteopathy in the cranial field

Many people attending the clinic require more information about this very gentle and non-invasive form of osteopathy. This technique still applies the fundamental principles of Osteopathy; however, it works with the model of the primary respiratory mechanism (PRM). We all understand the importance of breath or respiration and many patients require advice regarding correct breathing techniques.

However, Osteopaths consider the physical act of breathing to be secondary respiration, with primary respiration occurring at a cellular level. Initially, osteopathy in the cranial field is described to students as a fluid rhythm produced by the motion of the cerebrospinal fluid within the cranial bones and spinal column, as the osteopath expands their ability they are taught to palpate the many other rhythms associated with primary respiratory mechanism (PRM).

The PRM is expressed in all tissue layers and systems such as the musculo-skeletal, ligamentous, membranous, fluid (extracellular, lymph, arterial and venous) and also in the spaces and cavities of the body such as the abdominal, thoracic, cranial and the peripheries. The head is divided into the face, the cranial base (joining to the neck) and the vault (the top). This is an area which is taught extensively at a post graduate level to enable treatment particularly of babies but also after trauma and in most chronic conditions.

The application of osteopathy in the cranial field at Cotham Road Osteopathy allows the practitioners to provide a wonderful healing space for patients, it is used both in diagnosis and in treatment and allows significant information to be gathered and explained to the patient. The end result of this treatment modality is a physical and emotional expansion within the patient that allows the patient to expand and express their health at a new level.

Osteopaths working at Cotham Road Osteopathy are always well trained and experienced in this modality.