Dr Bryden McGregor

Bryden McGregor

Bryden’s journey into Osteopathy and manual therapy started very young. Introduced by his family but also personal experience. A full circle was completed when he worked with renowned paediatric Osteopath Maxwell Fraval in Canberra. Maxwell had treated Bryden’s mother while she was pregnant with him, helped him as a toddler and worked with his father following a severe concussion and fractured skull. It was stories like these that laid the foundation that first pulled him towards Osteopathy. He loves the philosophy and ability to apply these principles to such a broad range of trouble we often seem to find ourselves in.

He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 2011 after completing a Bac.App.Sci (C. Med. Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy. Combining this with his experience in massage and sports training (e.g. VFL team Coburg Tigers) has helped him develop and utilise a range of techniques including manipulation, massage, dry needling and stretching, patient education and exercise prescription. As well as gentle techniques through cranial sacral and biodynamic approaches. Through effective assessment, diagnosis and treatment, He tries to guide an individual to a better understanding of their body while providing symptomatic relief.

Bryden continues to try and expand through professional development and frequently takes part in postgraduate courses all over the world. More recently diving deeper into yoga and meditation have helped him further grow. Tools that he now uses everyday to help patients and himself navigate such turbulent times.

Bryden is an avid traveller and enjoys learning about other cultures and their culinary delights. He loves getting into the outdoors, enjoying the simple beauty of nature.