Cheryl Graduated from her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy In 2014 at the Melbourne Institute of Massage therapy in Melbourne!

You’ll find Cheryl to be a very caring passionate practitioner with very hands on tactile skills, she also uses many different technique’s, from Dry needling, Muscle Energy Technique, Active release Technique Myofascial Cupping, Myofascial release, Hot stone massage for Relaxation and Delayed onset Muscle soreness, corrective exercises, and stretches for the management of acute and chronic conditions.

Over the last 9 years as a Myotherapist she has worked at multiple of different clinics, In doing this she got to work along side with other Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Natural Paths, and Podiatrists, who have all had years of experience in the industry!

Cheryl comes from a background in the fitness Industry as an Aerobics’ instructor/personal trainer for many years, therefore she can relate to the demands of exercise puts on the body and also that our busy lifestyles that most people lead today.

Cheryl enjoys treating a diverse range of people from young children, teenagers, Adults Pregnant woman, and the elderly.
She likes to encourage Musculoskeletal Health, promote injury prevention and encourage patients to take care of their health

Outside of work she likes to look after herself by keeping active with aqua aerobics, weight training, bike riding and bush walks to reconnect in nature. Her hobbies are gardening, reading, listening to music, and podcasts.