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Manual therapy that aims to balance interrelated systems of the body to restore health and wellbeing

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a “whole body” system of manual therapy, based on unique biomechanical principles. Osteopathy uses a wide range of techniques to treat not only musculo-skeletal problems but also other problems that may not obviously be related to musculo-skeletal disorders. Due to the intricate nature of the body and it’s many systems and layers, osteopaths who work with the musculoskeletal system as an application of osteopathic philosophy find that patients report a general ease throughout their posture that can have a flow on effect to their whole body.

Problems that are commonly treated with osteopathy include:

  • back and neck pain
  • sciatica
  • headaches
  • pains in peripheral joints such as shoulders, knees and ankles
  • tendinitis
  • muscle strains.

Work related injuries, repetitive strain injuries and sports-related injuries also respond well to osteopathic treatment.

Osteopathy can  help people manage pain associated with arthritic conditions. When used in conjunction with medical treatment, osteopathy may help reduce strain through the postural and musculoskeletal systems when patients present with conditions such as asthma, chronic fatigue and conditions associated with gynaecological disorders. In these cases referral to a doctor and the implementation of an Enhance Primary Care Plan through medicare is a wonderful way to integrate the osteopathic model with the medical model.

Many pregnant women find osteopathic treatment very beneficial because it can reduce back pain during pregnancy and help prepare the body for the birth process. For babies and children, osteopathy offers a wide variety of gentle hands on techniques for problems associated with birth trauma. Using manual therapy to treat the respiratory and musculoskeletal mechanics is a fundamental part of osteopathy.


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