Atrium Osteopathy at the Clocktower Building
1 Whitehorse Rd Deepdene, Vic, 3103
Phone: (03) 9853 0808
Manual therapy that aims to balance interrelated systems of the body to restore health and wellbeing

Rachimah Fraval

Rachimah completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Complimentary Medicine (Osteopathy) and a Masters in Osteopathy at RMIT University. She also has over 8 years’ experience working as a masseuse prior to becoming an Osteopath.

She provides a holistic approach, playing an active role in patient education to assist with managing pain and injuries. Rachimah has experience treating a wide variety of complaints using a combination of cranial and structural techniques, as well as looking into postural, emotional and ergonomic factors. She strives to find the source of problem so that a course of treatment can be devised to prevent reoccurrence as well as relieving presenting symptoms. Her gentle approach is suitable for all ages and injuries with a focus on restoring optimal health and well-being.
Rachimah aims to work with her patients’ consultants, obstetricians and GPs to enable patients to have the best all round care. She believes that the human body has a huge natural potential for healing, which can be stimulated by implementing osteopathic treatment.